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Guide to Loans*

If you’re looking for an affordable loan, with competitive interest rates and repayments tailored to suit your own financial needs, look no further than a Saveeasy loan!
For more information, please go to our FAQ here
Here are some of our popular loans that are currently available:-
Saver’s Loans
First loans
First loans are available after you’ve saved with us for a minimum of 13 weeks – the amount you can borrow is up to double the amount of your savings, and repayable over a maximum period of 12 months.

Subsequent loans
For any subsequent loans, you can apply for up to three times your savings amount, with repayments available on terms up to 5 years.
** Need a loan urgently? Our Family Loan may be suitable for you - more information here **
Payroll Loans
Members who work for one of our partner organisations are able to apply for a Payroll Loan. Members can request loans for any purpose (holiday, home improvement, car, etc.) with the repayments made directly from your salary.

If you’re employed by one of our Payroll Partner employers, then you just need to become a member and fill out our payroll deduction form.

You can apply for a loan at the same time and once approved, we can transfer the funds to your nominated bank account. Please note that in some instances we may require your first payroll deduction prior to releasing the funds.
If your employer is not currently a Payroll Partner and they would like to become one, please have them call us on 01554 770867 for more information. Alternatively, they can email us at info@saveeasycreditunion.co.uk
Special Occasion Loans
Car Loans
Subject to our ‘Savers Loans’ criteria, and repayable over a maximum term of 5 years to both new and existing members there are no early repayment (or ‘balloon’ type) terms, with an attractive APR and no arrangement fees.

Home Improvement/DIY Loans
Again subject to our ‘Savers Loans’ terms, Home Improvement and DIY Loans are available at an attractive APR - and are available to new and existing members on terms up to 3 years.
* The interest rate you pay, and the amount you are able to borrow, may vary depending on your savings and loan record with us
* All figures given on this website are for your general information only and to provide a guide to our loans – any statements on this website do not purport to be legally binding
* All information contained on this website page is correct at the time of publishing –
Saveeasy Credit Union accepts no responsibility for errors due to changes in rates or offers which have occurred after this date.
You are advised to check with our offices for up to date rates and offers
* Repayment values are inclusive of interest
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