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Benefits of borrowing from a Credit Union

If you need to borrow money, it's always a good idea to compare your options to ensure you find a loan which suits your needs.

A loan from your local SaveEasy Credit Union could help!

  • There are no hidden charges with SaveEasy loans and no penalties if you repay the loan early.

  • Interest is calculated daily on your reducing loan balance. The quicker you pay your loan back - the less interest you pay!

  • We encourage you to save whilst you repay your loan - you will have a pot of savings for future use, once your loan has been paid in full.

  • We're not for profit and work in our Members' interest. This means we assess each loan application carefully to ensure you can afford to pay them back.

  • Free Loan Protection insurance - your loan may be covered by our insurance cover. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Fair Interest rates. Our interest rates start at 0.75% per month up to a cap of 3% per month.

More information is on our website:

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