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Christmas Saver

Our Christmas Saver is an ideal way to save safely for the festive season.

Let SaveEasy Credit Union make budgeting for Christmas simple and put your savings out of temptations way. As with our other shares your money is protected by the FSCS scheme, so you can have peace of mind that you money is safe. Open an account today and make sure Christmas is stress and hassle free with our Christmas Saver.


  • Access to your savings during the Christmas period 

  • Withdrawals - by bank transfer, cash, cheque or transfers to other members

  • Deposits - by bank transfer, cash, cheque, Standing Order, payroll deduction, or transfers from other members

  • Variable Dividend - paid annually in November (2023 - 0.50%)

  • Life and Loan Insurance included with membership

How to apply

To open a Christmas Saver you must be an existing member. You can apply for membership online, at a branch, or over the telephone.


Complete our online joining form


1. Provide two forms of identification

2. Complete a membership application form



Speak to our friendly team on 01554 770867

Once you've become a member we can open a Christmas Share for you. Please complete this request form or contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Who can open a Christmas Saver?

All members are eligible to open a Christmas Saver.

How do I open a Christmas Saver?

Simply contact us and request a Christmas Share. 

When can I open a Christmas Saver?

Christmas Saver's can be opened throughout the year.

Can I deposit bags of change into my savings?

Of course! Your change is very welcome.

When can I withdraw from the account?

Provided the savings are unattached from a loan, your Christmas Share can be withdrawn at any time. Whilst we will actively encourage you to keep savings in place until the festive season but savings are not locked in place at any point.

Are there any fees on the account?

No. A Christmas Saver is free to open provided the £1 joining fee has been paid already.

Can I open more than one Christmas Saver?

Christmas Savers are limited to one per member.

How can I withdraw money?

If you have set up authorisation to transfer funds by faster payment to a designated bank account, you may request this in-branch or by telephone. You can also withdraw cash in-branch or request a cheque made payable to yourself or a third party.

What interest or dividend is payable?

We pay a yearly dividend although the rate of dividend is not guaranteed. The final dividend paid may vary and it is possible that no dividend is paid at all. The dividend rate is proposed by the Board of Directors and voted on by the members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Dividend is based on the balances held in the account throughout the year.

Do I have to pay tax on my dividends?

Dividends are paid gross so it is your responsibility to declare the income to the tax authorities if you are a taxpayer.

Do I need to make regular deposits to keep the account open?

If you make no deposits on your account for 6 months or more, the Credit Union may declare your account dormant in accordance with membership terms and conditions. No dividend will be paid on dormant accounts.

How do I close my account?

To close your account please telephone or visit your nearest branch.

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