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Apply for a Loan

Unsure if you're eligible to apply for a loan?

Please contact your nearest branch - a Loan Officer will provide further advice.

If you have any difficulties using the above link please telephone your local branch

where a friendly loan officer will be happy to take a loan application over the telephone.

Which type of loan should I apply for? 

This will depend on your account status, requirements and our own lending policy.

More information on each of our loan products is on our website:

  • Family Loan & Savings Plan - a great introduction to credit, more information here.

  • Saver's Loan - build up your own borrowing power, more information here.

  • Secured Loan - need access to money but don't want to dip into your savings? more information here.

  • Car Loan - a low rate available if payment is made direct to the Garage or Dealership more information here.

What happens after I apply for a loan? 

A Loan Officer will pick up your loan application and give you a call with the next steps. 

How long before a decision is made? 


If you apply for a loan in the morning and we promptly receive any extra information from you, we aim to make loan decisions the same day. If you apply in the afternoon / evening we will process your application the following working day.

I haven't heard anything and more than 48hrs has passed, does this mean I've been declined? 

We will always call you back following a loan application, if you've not heard from us please contact us here.

I've sent you my application but I think I made a mistake, what should I do? 

Please give your local office a call so we can amend the details you have sent over.

If i'm approved for a loan, will I need to visit an office? 

Not necessarily, existing members can now e-sign their loan agreement. All documents will be securely sent to you for signing. Our Loan Officers can provide assistance as needed.

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