Borrow up to £500 with our Family Loan and savings plan

Apply immediately for a loan of up to £500.


With this popular plan you can save up for holidays, Christmas, or other big spends at the same time as repaying your loan.


Simply become a Credit Union Member, arrange to pay a benefit or salary into your account, and we’ll do the rest.

Our ‘Family Loan‘ product allows families/individuals to apply for a loan of up to £500 from the Credit Union – this will be conditional upon a benefit or salary being paid directly to the Credit Union and an affordability check.

£500 Family Loan Example:
Child Benefit Weekly:
52 Weekly Repayments:
Savings Contribution Weekly:
Total Weekly Payment:
Total Savings After Loan:

"Been with them for about 5 months now, they're friendly and they care I can see this from how they deal with their members. I would recommend them to anyone looking to save, needing advice, and anyone who is struggling with their money.

They are there for everyone, better than the banks and you are helping your community by saving. 5 stars from me."


"The best thing I ever did. Never been able to save before but this makes it so easy"


"Outstanding, extremely helpful, and highly polite staff. Very professional at giving advice. 10/10 in my opinion."


"Absolutely brilliant staff, it's the best thing I ever did without a doubt. Thank you, everyone"


"Been a member for years and I've always had great service. Very helpful and friendly staff"


"Always at hand to help. Friendly people. Highly recommended! Keep up the good work.... especially staff from the Haverfordwest Branch!"


"This is the very best thing that has happened to this town in a long time."


"Always helpful, got me out of a crisis many a time"


"Always friendly & helpful. Wish I’d set up my account years ago!"


"I have been a member of the credit union for in excess of a year. If it wasn't for the credit union I would have been in dire straits. Thank you for all your help, I thoroughly recommend membership to everybody."



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If you need further help please give us a call or email loans@saveeasycreditunion.co.uk

The above example for SaveEasy Credit Union is based on our Family Loan at 42.6% APR. Benefit or Wage must be paid directly to SaveEasy Credit Union before a Family Loan can be issued. Existing members may receive a lower rate. All loans are assessed on an individual basis and a lower amount may be offered. The above figures provided are if all repayments are made on time. Late payments may accumulate additional interest. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority FRN: 213676. Members' savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Members of the Financial Ombudsman Scheme.