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Pembroke Dock: 18 Meyrick Street, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6UT Tel. 01646 682389

How to get to us:    


  • Meyrick Street is the widest road in Pembroke Dock with ample parking running the length of the street. Parking is free for up to 1 hour every day. 

  • Our postcode is SA72 6UT. We may show up as number 18 or Mediation House - both are us.

  • Nearest Car Park: Gordon Street, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6DA


We are a two-minute walk from St John's Church bus stop.


We are a five-minute walk from Pembroke Dock train station.


There is a step into the building but accessibility ramps are available at all times.

SAVEeasy Pembrok Dock Outside
SAVEeasy Pembrok Dock Inside
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